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Your Ultimate Checklist for Lipat Bahay

Your Ultimate Checklist for Lipat Bahay

The next thing that people look forward to on their lipat bahay journey is the actual move. Lipat bahay requires utmost care, time, and effort to do it successfully. Though quite taxing, all the arranging, packing, and cleaning as preparations for lipat bahay are exciting for most people. However, there are times that their exhilaration overwhelms the focused attention needed in lipat bahay, which may lead to unorganized and forgetful moving.

A quick and easy solution to avoid all the hassles of lipat bahay? Opt for a checklist! It’s important to list all the things needed to be done to be systematic and stay right on track. Knowing that human memory can fail at some point, a comprehensive checklist could be your lifesaver, especially at a time when you have to deal with a lot of things.


Your Ultimate Checklist for Lipat Bahay

Lipat bahay does not have to be complicated. Simple listing down and prioritizing of tasks and actually sticking to it can spare you so much time, money, and energy.
Here’s the ultimate lipat bahay checklist you can follow for a fuss-free moving!


Two Months Before

  • Confirm the date of your moving. This will allow you to set realistic deadlines and properly prioritize other lipat bahay tasks. Not having an exact moving date can promote procrastination and may lead to prolonged lipat bahay work, which means a waste of your time.

Lipat Bahay: Sort Your Things

  • Sort your things. Carefully determine which things are worth keeping and things that you should throw away. Ditch all the house items that no longer serve a purpose for you. Keeping unnecessary items just creates a clutter that can interfere with a hassle-free lipat bahay.
  • Use a binder. List down all the details of your lipat bahay such as estimates, budget, receipts, and the inventory of your items. Be on track of everything about your moving at all times to prevent dilemmas in the future.
  • Arrange school records for transfer. Moving to a new place also means transferring to a school that’s nearest to your new home for convenience, especially if you’re moving far from your former residence. Organize school records of you or your family members for an easy transfer.
  • Research for a trucking service. Find a lipat bahay trucking services that can accommodate your moving needs and will handle your household items with utmost care. Consider your budget, distance of your new place, and time when looking for the best lipat bahay truck for rent.


Six Weeks Before

Lipat Bahay: Measure Your New Home

  • Measure your new home. Know the dimensions of your new house, so you can estimate if your large furniture pieces can enter through the door without a problem.
  • Order moving supplies. Buy tapes, bubble wraps, sturdy boxes in various sizes, and permanent markers. These supplies will greatly help in organizing and securing your possessions.


One Month Before

  • Alert important parties. Update your home address in all the parties you are part of. Your bank, magazine and newspapers subscriptions, insurance, and post office must be notified about your new address.
  • Confirm your trucking service. Make sure that the lipat bahay trucking service you chose prioritizes the safety of your household items and is committed to meeting your lipat bahay needs.

Lipat Bahay: Pack and Label

  • Pack and label. With the use of boxes, pack household items according to their sizes and importance. Separate possessions with special value from ordinary pieces. Label each box for identification of items to avoid confusion.
  • Clean the home. It’s an act of courtesy for the next family moving to your former residence.


Two Weeks Before

Lipat Bahay: Schedule Days Off From Work

  • Schedule days off from work. If necessary, notify your employer that you’ll be needing to pause from work to assist your lipat bahay and give him or her exact dates.
  • Contact your trucking service. Once you’ve picked the right trucking service for your lipat bahay, you can start arranging and negotiating with them about the moving date, needs, and budget.
  • Fill your suitcase. This should be the final stage of your packing. Bring enough clothes for everyone in the family in a suitcase. Maximize the space of your suitcase by rolling softer garments and folding stiffer clothes.


Three Days Before

Lipat Bahay: Reconfirm Details With The Trucking Service

  • Reconfirm the details with the trucking service. Remind your selected trucking service about your nearing lipat bahay date. Ensure that all arranged details are consistent.
  • Pay. It’s time to pay your moving company. Also, give tips or refreshments to staff and people who helped you out.
  • Defrost your refrigerator. Before moving, defrost and clean your refrigerator at least a day before the moving date. You don’t want your freezer to spill on your items during the lipat bahay journey.


Moving Day

Lipat Bahay: See If You've Forgotten Anything

  • See if you’ve forgotten anything. Have a final look on your former home to ensure you got everything you need before loading all the items on the truck.
  • Verify for security. Beware of scams on your moving day. Double-check the arrived lipat bahay truck for details such as trucking company’s branding and license plate, making sure that it is the same with your arrangements with the trucking service company.
  • Check for any damage. If there’s any damage done to your possessions, immediately notify your trucking service for them to take necessary actions. If there’s none, feel free to decorate your new residence with all the furniture pieces and household items and call it a day!


See to it that after the moving date, all of these tasks are ticked off so you can finally relax at your new home!

Got more lipat bahay tasks to add to this checklist? Feel free to comment them below.

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