Welcome to Cartrex Trucking Services

One of the leading trucking and relocation services in the Philippines. Services provided 24 hours daily including Sundays and holidays; servicing in any Point in the Philippines. The company’s aim is to provide reliable transportation services in a responsible manner to meet customer unique needs.

Household Transfer

Our end-to-end service guarantees a stressful household transfer. Our reliable staffs will take care of everything from loading, transportation, to unloading every item.

Warehouse Transfer

We have highly-trained professionals with pristine driving record to handle the transfer of all your stocks and deliverables.

Office Transfer

Our office transfer services ensures efficient and seamless move of your company. You are guaranteed that your office properties are safe with us.

Catering/Event Transport

Our Catering and Event Transport services ensure safe and quick transport of all your event collateral at their optimal condition.

Trucking Services

We provide cost-saving trucking services to our customers while ensuring utmost service quality. We own a range of trucks and tractor heads that can handle our client’s specific needs.

We Take The Load Off Your Back

Why Cartrex Trucking?

  • We are a registered trucking company
  • Our trucking services are tailored to our client’s individual requirements
  • We offer affordable trucking service that fits any type budget
  • Reliable and Stress-free moving
  • We have 24/7 customer service
  • Our trustworthy staff have genuine intentions to provide unparalleled moving services
  • We have highly-trained drivers with years of experience for an exemplary and dependable moving service
  • Our goal is to provide moving services in a shorter lead time at a minimum cost