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8 Tips for a Hassle Free Lipat Bahay

8 Tips for a Hassle-free Lipat Bahay

Moving to a new house is somehow intimidating. Wanting to do a lipat bahay will definitely require a lot of planning, money, time, and effort in order to successfully achieve a house move. However, there are still some reasons why we do this: can be a call of our need to find a more cozy space; need to get a place near your work; having the desire to be independent, getting to know yourself better or just want to start afresh. Here are some tips for you to pack your belongings properly, and do it all with ease:


1. Get organized early

The first rule for everything we do is to be prepared. There is so much tasks to do whenever you plan to do a lipat bahay.

Sort your things first. This may help you organize the packing of your belongings. Stuffs like sheets, pillows, blankets, and other soft items should be all in one place. Organized packing will surely save you a lot of time and energy.

You also have to consider the packing supplies you will be using for your things. Find the boxes and packing tapes that is suitable according to the weight and size of your belongings. You can also reuse if you don’t have enough budget. Printing paper boxes and liquor boxes can be a good alternative since they were made of good-quality cardboard, and uniformly sized. After you finished packing the moving boxes, you might want to consider labelling them so you can easily identify which items you have placed inside the box.


2. Essential services

If you want everything else to be as smooth as possible, you need to be extra ready– not with just the packing and unpacking. You also have to know your information that needs to be transferred such as billing address. Understand how utility bills (such as water and electricity) will be transferred over you from a previous owner. If necessary, arrange to have a phone line, cable and internet working.


3. Choose the right mover

Depending on the size of your home, the distance of your new place, the amount of time and budget you needed, you should consider to rent a good trucking service for a relatively hassle-free lipat bahay.  

Book a trucking service that prioritizes the safety of your belongings, ensuring the maximum security through furniture inventory, installing suspension systems, and guarantees a full protection with their trucks. You should also consider if they offer a 24 hours truck rental service at any point of the country. What a good option, right?


4. Getting help

You can’t do moving by your own. Lipat bahay can be a lot more fun and easier with the help of your friends. But, we know that it’s not that easy to convince your friends to help you throughout this physical labor. Instead on asking them to help for a full day, try to schedule your friends in shifts. If you have enough friends, you can ask someone to help you in the morning and the other one to come over by the afternoon.

Whenever you are done with all the pre-moving tasks, it’s time to strategize what you will do on the arrival at your new home.


5. Unpacking and assembling furniture

Some furniture can be tricky to reassemble, beds for example. If you can’t remember how to put things back together, you can make a quick call to the manufacturer for the instructions or look it up over the internet.

Also, you might want to place your things in your new home neatly and in an organized manner– this will lessen the stress of unpacking a bunch of hauls that you have brought. You can utilize the closet to keep the clutter away and to have yourself more room to unpack the important stuffs.


6. Clean and dust

Doing a lipat bahay can be a bit messy to mucky. Before arranging your furniture into their proper places, you should try to dust them off a little bit. Being loaded into the truck might cause them to be quite dusty, that’s why you want to do it before you put them into use. Always remember that you should put up a tidy space that you can enjoy while organizing things!


7. Proper recycling and trash disposal

When you’re done with the unpacking, papers, peeled-off adhesive tapes, and boxes are left over. Try to figure out how the neighborhood does their trash disposal and recycling practices. Dispose them properly, and make sure of the items that you can reuse in the future.


8. Bond with new neighbors

Another top goal of moving to a new household is to build new bonds and establish good relationship with neighbors. On your day of moving, you’re likely to see your neighbors. Take a second to greet a “hello” and introduce yourself. If you’re planning for a house blessing or throwing a housewarming party, invite them over so you’ll get a chance to know them better.

Finally, you are now free to enjoy, relax, and feel the warmth of your new home. Following this guide will ensure you a hassle-free lipat bahay!


Got other lipat bahay tips? Share them by leaving a comment below. 

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